What I Told My Friend About Her Son’s Stuffed Animals

I got a great email from Patricia De Fonte the other day and was thrilled when she said I could share it with you. (Patricia is a Principal and Estate Planning Attorney at De Fonte Law. She handled my estate planning and I can’t recommend her enough!)

Her email has nothing to do with law and everything to do with . . . stuffed animals.

Here is what she wrote:

This is a typical morning.

You can see my son’s foot to the left.

stuffed animals

The problem is that these stuffed animals are in CONSTANT USE and dragged all over the house. What gets really crazy is when we have slumber parties and kids who don’t have any more stuffed animals at home all want to play with them.  It’s the cutest to see a bunch of 11-year-old boys sitting on the floor playing Legos – each with a stuffed animal in his lap.

Isn’t that image of the 11-year-olds unforgettable?

My philosophy is, if it makes you happy, go for it. That said, here are a few ideas about how to manage the mayhem:

  • Put up shelving that’s only 6”-9” deep, from floor to ceiling, for displaying the smaller ones.
  • Stretch a mini hammock above one corner of the bed at about 6’0” high.
  • Display them on top of a desk hutch. I’ve been helping parents create desks where kids can study. A hutch gives them book storage. The bonus is that the top of the hutch can be used for the stuffed animals.
  • Put half of them in a box in the closet. Every month, rotate them with the others. It’s like seeing old friends again!


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