The Best Way To Carve an Office Out of Your Living Room

One of the most common home workspaces are those that are carved out of a larger room. It may be your living room, your bedroom, or dining room. The challenge with these spaces is that you work and relax in the same room, so separating work from home gets pretty tricky. 

Given that you want separation from work and home, my recommendation may surprise you: think about how your office space can function as an office without looking like an office. Your 6’x6’ living room office space doesn’t have to feel ‘office-y’ (I’m making that a real word!). When it blends in with the rest of your room, it’s easier to relax in that room when you’re off the clock. 

office with style
  1. Coordinate your office with your room style. Select a desk and accessories that have similar wood and furniture details. Stay away from commercial-style work desks, which scream ‘home office’ in a room that’s also used for relaxation. Same goes for accessories: if you don’t have a contemporary theme, don’t select a desk lamp that looks super modern.
  2. Include enough storage to easily put away paper and office supplies at the end of the day. 
  3. Avoid desks with hutches. They can dominate a room. Instead, install shelving on the wall above or to the side of the desk that coordinates with the room decor. 
  4. Place your desk carefully. If possible, place the desk so it’s not the first thing you see when you walk into the room.
  5. Make it personal and inviting. Put a few decor items and/or a plant on the shelving and the desk so it looks personal and interesting.  

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