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Latest Tips

hats 3

Mildred’s 60 Hats

By Gwen McClure | May 19, 2020

One of my favorite organizing stories is about Mildred. When I first met her, she did NOT want to leave her home for the retirement community her children had suggested. 

3 Magic Questions to Help You Let Go of Stuff

By Gwen McClure | March 3, 2020

These three gems have helped my clients over and over. Try them out on something you’ve been hanging on to and let me know what happens!

Where To Put Clothes That Aren’t Dirty OR Clean

By Gwen McClure | February 10, 2020

Before I became a professional organizer, I thought I was the only one who wore a blouse or a pair of pants 2-3 times before washing them. I’ve come to find out everyone does this. Well, almost everyone! Finding a place for your clothes during that transition between just-washed and hamper-bound can be a problem.

When You Can’t Close Your Sock Drawer

By Gwen McClure | January 27, 2020

I couldn’t close my sock drawer last week. It was just too stuffed! Do you have difficulty “releasing” socks, too? (Why is it so difficult to throw them out?!) 

Being the organizer I am, I decided it was time for some SILLY SOCK SUMS.

Mia and Annabel with their custom-made dog beds!

3 Tips to Keep Your Pet Safe in an Emergency

By Gwen McClure | January 13, 2020

Yup, I’m an animal person. These two go with me everywhere I do; they’re part of my family.  

But I never thought I’d need an emergency kit for my dogs until my mother developed the pet emergency plan for Contra Costa County.

How to End Paper Clutter for Good

By Gwen McClure | December 15, 2019

Weren’t we promised a paperless world?  I hate paper as much as you do, but I’ve found the secret to dealing with this monster. Here’s what to do before you start…

writing Emergency Plan

Why You Need a Customized Emergency Kit

By Gwen McClure | December 2, 2019

Most people I talk to agree that having some kind of a kit is a good idea, but they have a lot of questions about why a customized kit is important.

How to Organize Your Receipts

By Gwen McClure | November 10, 2019

Drive you crazy when you can’t find the receipt for an item you want to return? How about those crumpled up receipts in your purse/wallet? I have a solution!


How to Free Yourself From Filing Paperwork

By Gwen McClure | September 16, 2019

Filing paperwork is NOT my favorite task. But I’ve learned it doesn’t have to be a task I dread. These days, filing paperwork is a lot easier. Much of what we used to file is now online, so it’s okay to throw a lot of it out. If you don’t own a business, there’s very little you need for tax purposes. Here are a few of my top paper decluttering tips…

How Watching a Movie Reduced My Clutter

By Gwen McClure | August 23, 2019

If you don’t have the time or money for a complete bathroom renovation, there is still plenty you can do to get more love from that overused and under-appreciated room! Here are a few ways to refresh your bathroom so it refreshes you.