Imagine it’s Saturday afternoon and a friend just called to ask if they could come over to your place tonight.

You want to see them but you look around. Your place is . . . chaos. It isn’t a place you want to spend time with friends. The kid’s toys, paperwork, bath products, laundry: it’s all over the house. It embarrasses you.

You hesitate.

Say yes and you’ll spend your precious afternoon on something you dread: the panicked scramble of shoving things into drawers and closets before guests show up.

Say no, and you’ll miss out on time with people you care for.

When your stuff takes up too much mental and physical space, simple decisions feel more complicated. You feel less productive. You lose things. Tidying up becomes a monumental task that never gets done.

I created Place IT to help you escape the shame, embarrassment and sheer frustration that come with being controlled by the ‘stuff’ in your life.

How does it all work?

I’ve laid out every step of the process clearly, so you’ll know what to expect.

My transformative process features…

  • Manageable goals, so you don’t get overwhelmed.
  • Solutions tailored to every type of clutter in your life, from paper to toys to mementos.
  • Coaching in a step-by-step process of liberating what you don’t want or need, even if you’ve had trouble parting with things in the past.
  • Uplifting and easy systems for maintaining your new, clutter-free lifestyle that will make you think, “Wow, I can do this.”
  • You: more productive, less stressed, and confident about having friends over on Saturday night.


Wow, I am amazed at the difference that Gwen has made in my life. She made the reorganizing process so easy. I think of myself as organized but this took it to a new level, with things I would have never thought of. Gwen came in and rethought my whole living space with amazing innovative ideas. Whew, she hauled away the stuff that I didn't need and donated it to a good organization that can make use of it. She even designed cabinets that I had constructed, making much better use of the space that I have. She designed and had a great desk made for me. She comes back annually and does a touch up because the closets and drawers and cabinets lose their tidiness and need rethinking. She has me hooked!

— Gregory S.

Gwen is amazing at what she does. I was terrified of having someone come into my home to see the spaces that I usually hide from people, but Gwen made it so easy. She is truly judgment-free when it comes to the spaces she organizes, and you can feel it when she walks in. She is focused on solutions, and she is an excellent problem solver when it comes to space issues. I run my business out of my home so I have clients over regularly, and I also have limited space for all of my equipment and personal needs. That is no match for Gwen's expertise! She has helped me rearrange, declutter, and made a shopping list of all of the furniture I need so that everything has a place in my home. And not only that, but she makes sure that the placement makes sense for my lifestyle and business. It has reduced the time it takes for me to prep for a client appointment in half, which has saved me so much time and stress!! I love being in my space now, as it is clutter-free and looks beautiful. 

— Jamie N.

You name it!  Gwen can organize it, donate it, dispose it –- place it!  From big, timely projects (thoughtfully moving Mom’s item’s from her assisted living apartment), to projects easy to procrastinate (the garage, desk pile-up), to the monthly repetitious tasks I would find dreary and fatiguing (bills, receipt management) Gwen eagerly embraces them all –- with enthusiasm, eagerness and dedication, genuinely pleased and joyful to simplify my home and my life.  I have a newfound sense of personal freedom with Gwen now on my monthly team.  After working together for the past three years, I am extremely confident that she is consistently resourceful and trustworthy.   Gwen can work independently yet is equally creative, effective and fun working in collaboration. Gwen’s energizer bunny pace, can-do attitude, and upbeat nature -- sensitive, understanding and encouraging – helps everyone get unstuck, get moving and get results!

 — Sandi P.

Thank you Gwen for your organizational wizardry!

Gwen McClure offers excellent house organization and space planning through her company, Place It. She designed two closets for our family, making efficient use of some very small spaces. She also assisted me with liberating excess items from my home, and did a beautiful job of organizing my kitchen cabinets. Gwen is well versed in closet and storage organization systems, furniture, and gadgets. She has a knack for imagining what a space will look like with new storage systems in place. She also utilized existing furniture and containers in our house to save on costs, and was careful to stay within our budget. I recommend Place It and Gwen McClure highly, and will be using her services for my future home organization projects.We are very happy with the positive changes and ‘blessed’ space in our home after each of your visits. I’m especially grateful to you.

Anita S.

Ready to be liberated from your stuff?