Moving Services

Basic Services — Moving

  1. I meet with you and explain every step we’ll take together so you have confidence in the process.
  2. Together, we walk through your home, discussing what items are the most precious to you. I take photos, measure things, and make an inventory so nothing is misplaced and prioritizing becomes easier.
  3. I measure your new home and create a drawing of your new space so you can envision your belongings there. You can be confident everything you take will fit perfectly.
  4. I take you through a step-by-step liberating process that makes letting go of things you don’t need much easier.
  5. I coordinate every single player involved in the move, from building managers to movers, so that you don't have to spend your time scheduling.
  6. I pack your belongings with care and organize them so that setting up is fast, efficient, and orderly.
  7. I am on site when your movers arrive, which makes moving day a breeze, even if you decide not to be there.
  8. I unpack and set up your new home - a beautiful place that incorporates your history and treasures. From artwork to mirrors, your new home will feel warm and inviting the day you move in.

Get the Move Management Checklist!

Make your next move a breeze.

This checklist makes the moving process easy. Simply fill out the sheet to plan every step from two months before your move to moving day.

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Additional Services

Sometimes a little extra help will bring big relief!
Customize my services to get exactly what you need.

  • Drop off liberated items to a thrift store/donation site so you can be free to focus on creating your new home.
  • Find, purchase and orchestrate delivery.
  • of the best possible furnishings or home-related items for your new space.
  • Coordinate shredding to safely dispose of unnecessary records.
  • Install and setup computers, printers, TV so everything works on day one.
  • Shelf and drawer lining so everything feels neat, inside and out.
  • Hang shelving, oversized artwork and mirrors in just the right place.
  • Create visual harmony in your new home by selecting finishes and hardware, including paint, window coverings, wall coverings, flooring, cabinetry hardware, plumbing fixtures.
  • Select and purchase artwork, decorative items and lighting that appeal to your taste and budget.
  • Custom closet design to maximize how you use your space.
  • Arrange for cleaning services so everything is spic and span.
  • Coordinate TV and utility services so all is ready the moment you walk in the door.
  • Coordinate home inventory service so you have an accurate record of your belongings.

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