Move Management

Can you imagine looking forward to downsizing?


It’s hard to picture, isn’t it? Because right now you’re overwhelmed, stressed and panicking at the idea of downsizing 40+ years of belongings.

Maybe now and then, you’ve thought: “We’ll never get through one ROOM, never mind the entire house.”

You were pretty sure that making the decision to move was the hardest part, but now? Given what needs to be done and your timeframe for moving, you are nearly frozen with anxiety.

Happily, I manage the entire downsizing process, so you don’t have to.

Whether you’re relieved about the change and just need help packing or are so stressed you can’t even talk about it, I can help you step into this new chapter of your life. My move process honors your past, yet at the same time keeps you focused on moving forward.

Believe it or not, it can even be fun!

How does it all work?

I've laid out every step of the process clearly, so you'll know what to expect.

Download my Move Management Checklist to make your next move a breeze.


Why me?

For 20 years, I managed large moving projects for corporate clients like Apple, Bank of America and Price Waterhouse as a successful interior architect. My unusual combination of design, organizational and moving skills gave me an outstanding reputation within my industry. Safe to say, I’m a Move MASTER.

But downsizing is a particular kind of move. It’s emotional. It taps into a lot of memories. And that’s where I offer something unique: I know how to inspire people to move toward change. Some of that is because I have a simple, clear process that puts you at ease. But a lot of it is that I’m a positive, upbeat person who really enjoys helping people. My mantra gets some credit, too: Goofy, Giddy, Groovin!’ For an idea about what it’s like to work with me, read through my clients’ testimonials.


After living in the same condo for 36 years, it was necessary to confront the dreaded act of downsizing:  throwing away useless, priceless objects, nobody else could possibly want. We thank somebody for Gwen McClure!  Like an angel descending, Gwen came with boxes and gentle advice. Our move was spectacularly easy because of Gwen. She arranged the times on both ends of the move and made arrangements for someone to take the large unusable furniture. On moving day, she was there, smiling and ready. Because of her, everything went smoothly. We can not thank her enough for easing a particularly difficult moment in our lives. She can now officially be called First Angel Gwen.

Russ Reish and Don Herman

Gwen was instrumental in helping my senior client transition from his home of more than 50 years to a senior community in San Francisco. This was an overwhelming situation for my client, but Gwen worked patiently with him to help him decide what belongings to keep, donate, or simply have hauled away. It was a complex and time-consuming process, but Gwen handled it all expertly, creating a schedule and to-do list that were in line with my client's physical ability and comfort zone. She successfully balanced his moments of hesitation with a tight schedule, and he was happy that his move was handled in such an organized way. Gwen is also a great, ongoing resource for many aspects of the home sale process, and I always appreciate her prompt and useful recommendations. She is also a very nice, thoughtful and honest person who handles her job with good common sense and a can-do attitude.

Eileen Bermingham, Corcoran Real Estate

I hired Gwen to move my elderly parents into an assisted living facility. With this relocation, it was necessary to downsize from their 2 bedroom/2 bath house to a studio apartment. Ms. McClure met with me to decide the furniture that would fit comfortably, the artwork to decorate the unit and my parents' keepsakes that would help them “feel at home”. Everything else went into a storage unit. I was so impressed with Gwen....she is truly AMAZING! She was fun to work with, she brainstormed ideas to find the right solution for me when problems with the move arose, and most importantly, she treated my parents' belongings as if they were her own.

She literally went through picture by picture, document by document, tchotchke by tchotchke in order to make sure everything important and valuable was moved and/or stored. I know that Gwen took this project home with her every day as well as every morning she would call or meet with me to present new ideas that she had come up with overnight. She is a talented professional organizer and a remarkable person. THANK YOU, GWEN.

— David C.

This is a testimonial for Gwen McClure of PlaceItSF. We used her and her services for two separate projects at my place of business and each one was handled with speed, accuracy, and quality of service.

The larger project was a Spring Cleaning event we held for our 71 resident families. Gwen organized all aspects of the project, from helping to publicize the event to lining up all vendors (there were six separate vendors, including document shredders, furniture movers, charitable organizations, etc.) and plotting out all the logistics. At all times, Gwen acted on our behalf decisively, economically, and with clarity of purpose.

Upon request, Gwen analyzed my business operations and recommended changes to our office organization to increase efficiency and productivity. She followed through by guiding me through the process of selecting office furnishings and office systems that are now paying off in saved time and greater clarity in our office.

At all times Gwen was positive, cheerful, and understanding of our needs. It was a pleasure working with Gwen and I highly recommend both her and her organization.

— Doug McAee, Property Manager


I’m so grateful to Gwen for helping me move from my home of 28 years to a one-bedroom apartment in a retirement community. Having Gwen organize my move gave me a sense of relief. I knew she had my back throughout the process and that all the details were being taken care of.

Gwen understood my anxiety and the challenge of downsizing. I liked how she checked in with me, making sure I had the
support I needed. I’m especially grateful to her for suggesting a closet system which increased my storage. She even found me a closet system that was on sale and then passed along her designer discount.

The furniture plan she created reduced my stress because I didn’t have to stay awake at night wondering if I was bringing too much furniture to my new apartment. The day of the move went very smoothly and effortlessly.

I’m thrilled with Gwen’s attention to detail, compassion, and knowledge.

— Susie F.

I moved from a home I lived in for 50 years into assisted living. In those 50 years, I had acquired a lot of books, dishes, art supplies, tools and in general, creature comforts. When I hired Gwen we had about 4 weeks to go through what I wanted to take with me, give away and donate. I was overwhelmed and anxious with the prospect of completing the packing. I felt very good about all Gwen did to help me accomplish this move, actually, I was AMAZED!  I was grateful to have Gwen’s help and support in making my move happen on time and with less stress. I couldn’t have done it without her.

Edward B.

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