Interior Design

Do you look around your home and sigh, frustrated by how it looks?

That furniture you got in college and never replaced isn’t something you really want anyone to notice. And the buffet from your parents isn’t really your style but you can’t just get rid of it. It’s meaningful. So there it sits, a living-room centerpiece that doesn’t really reflect your aesthetic at all.

You’ve tried making changes, but nothing really fits together. And though you know a designer’s eye could be magical, you cringe a little too. You can’t bear the thought of “The Designer” with a towering ego insisting you need everything new and blowing your budget to smithereens.

So you spend hours on Houzz, flip through Veranda with anticipation and frustration. But you never really commit to moving forward.


My profession requires a lot of time in the office. I recently purchased a condo/loft in San Francisco and Gwen McClure filled a great need; a professional and knowledgeable designer to help plan my new home. Gwen understood my needs and met and agreed upon budget for the project. She was thorough and provided many options. I am very happy with the results and recommend Place It highly.

— Glenn G.

Gwen McClure has been working as my designer since February 2015. She is helping me in renovating my kitchen, living room, and dining room. Gwen has superb taste, and her advice in design has been fantastic! She has a keen "eye" for spacing and design. Her attention to detail has helped me make the right design choices and saved me money as well. I would highly recommend Place It.

— Priscilla M.

Gwen McClure helped me to get organized! Because everything has its place I feel less anxiety when I walk into my home.

— Lisa W.

What if you met a designer who isn’t afraid of starting with what you already have?


interior design livingroom

Meet yours truly, Gwen McClure. I believe a beautifully-designed home begins with rejuvenating your relationships with what you already own. I enhance the items you love and use them as a starting point for crafting an environment that relaxes and inspires you.

While I won’t come to you with a pre-set vision of what your home should look like, I will come with lots and lots of ideas. Expect brainstorming. Collaboration combined with inspiration and excitement. Back-and-forth. And (yes!) fun.

At the end of the day, your home should be shaped by how you live, not the other way around.  (Or as the famous architect Louis Sullivan once said: “Form follows function!”).


Imagine coming home after work filled with anticipation.

You open the door to a home that feels harmonious, authentic, inspiring.

How does it all work?

I’ve laid out every step of the process clearly, so you’ll know what to expect.

Gwen McClure helped me take on the overwhelming project of getting rid of a storage unit and making better use of the space in my home.  Gwen took me from overwhelm to delight and serenity (and even with laughter and FUN sprinkled in along the way)!  Thank you, Gwen!

— Linda C.

Gwen McClure has changed my life.  I have ADHD and clutter can really weigh me down. She listened to me, created and presented options to organize my paperwork, clutter, furniture, and really my entire apartment. It feels like I have more space and the energy of my home feels so much better. THANK YOU GWEN!!!  


— Joel C.

Gwen McClure helped me to get organized! Because everything has its place I feel less anxiety when I walk into my home.

— Lisa W.

Ready to create the home you love?