Wow, I am amazed at the difference that Gwen has made in my life. She made the reorganizing process so easy. I think of myself as organized but this took it to a new level, with things I would have never thought of. Gwen came in and rethought my whole living space with amazing innovative ideas. Whew, she hauled away the stuff that I didn't need and donated it to a good organization that can make use of it. She even designed cabinets that I had constructed, making much better use of the space that I have. She designed and had a great desk made for me. She comes back annually and does a touch up because the closets and drawers and cabinets lose their tidiness and need rethinking. She has me hooked!


— Gregory S.

Dearest Gwen, Thank you so much for your guidance and gentle nudging in our merging of two families together. We love everything you’ve done and are so grateful for your time and effort. Thank you for your many contributions and for keeping our home organized and beautiful.


Gregory S. & Ben I.

Thank you Gwen for your organizational wizardry!

Gwen McClure offers excellent house organization and space planning through her company, Place It. She designed two closets for our family, making efficient use of some very small spaces. She also assisted me with liberating excess items from my home, and did a beautiful job of organizing my kitchen cabinets. Gwen is well versed in closet and storage organization systems, furniture, and gadgets. She has a knack for imagining what a space will look like with new storage systems in place. She also utilized existing furniture and containers in our house to save on costs, and was careful to stay within our budget. I recommend Place It and Gwen McClure highly, and will be using her services for my future home organization projects.We are very happy with the positive changes and ‘blessed’ space in our home after each of your visits. I’m especially grateful to you.


Anita S.


You name it!  Gwen can organize it, donate it, dispose it –- place it!  From big, timely projects (thoughtfully moving Mom’s item’s from her assisted living apartment), to projects easy to procrastinate (the garage, desk pile-up), to the monthly repetitious tasks I would find dreary and fatiguing (bills, receipt management) Gwen eagerly embraces them all –- with enthusiasm, eagerness and dedication, genuinely pleased and joyful to simplify my home and my life.  I have a newfound sense of personal freedom with Gwen now on my monthly team.  After working together for the past three years, I am extremely confident that she is consistently resourceful and trustworthy.   Gwen can work independently yet is equally creative, effective and fun working in collaboration. Gwen’s energizer bunny pace, can-do attitude, and upbeat nature -- sensitive, understanding and encouraging – helps everyone get unstuck, get moving and get results!

 — Sandi P.

Gwen is amazing at what she does. I was terrified of having someone come into my home to see the spaces that I usually hide from people, but Gwen made it so easy. She is truly judgment-free when it comes to the spaces she organizes, and you can feel it when she walks in. She is focused on solutions, and she is an excellent problem solver when it comes to space issues. I run my business out of my home so I have clients over regularly, and I also have limited space for all of my equipment and personal needs. That is no match for Gwen's expertise! She has helped me rearrange, declutter, and made a shopping list of all of the furniture I need so that everything has a place in my home. And not only that, but she makes sure that the placement makes sense for my lifestyle and business. It has reduced the time it takes for me to prep for a client appointment in half, which has saved me so much time and stress!! I love being in my space now, as it is clutter-free and looks beautiful. 

— Jamie N.

I recommend her as a professional organizer. —Gwen listens, pays attention to detail, is very conscientious, and can work through complex and challenging storage situations.Gwen is a highly talented multifaceted professional. She knows the furniture and design industries intimately, is an accomplished designer and an effective professional organizer.


 — Isabelle B.

Gwen helped us set up Elfa storage systems in our new condo. We were downsizing from a 3-story Victorian house with lots of storage to a spare, modern 1350 sq ft apartment with minimal storage. She came to the big house to assess our needs and spent considerable time planning with me. She followed through and communicated all through the process, even checking on the delivery when she was out of town. She was cheerful, supportive, and and saw to every detail. A great experience. Gwen gets my highest recommendation.


Gilda S.

Gwen is the consummate professional. She is caring and detail oriented. She does not spend money unnecessarily. The end result was functional and aesthetically pleasing. I give her my highest recommendation. If you need any help organizing a large or small space she can help.


—Stephanie W.

I've come to learn that people need Organizers for a wide variety of reasons — reasons they don't necessarily know about until they've begun working with a real pro, who delivers all the things you said you needed — but ends up improving your quality of life. That's what I came to find after working with Gwen. In my scenario, she was recommended to me by a friend. I'd just been evicted from the 2-bedroom place I'd lived in for 13 years, and due to market forces, was now living in a one bedroom apt. It was overwhelming for me. I'm a fairly well-organized person, but the scope of how to crunch down and re-create a home-office space within this much smaller place — and still preserve a home — a living room, dining area, keeping my bedroom separate — it was flooding my headspace. Just as the huge boxes were occupying all the floor space.

What is so special about Gwen is how intuitively she picks up on who you are and what your other needs are besides just the storage solutions and furniture arrangements and logistical elements of organizing you hired her for. There were storage facility issues to deal with — and she was all over those details immediately — pricing across town, hours of operation, which were 24-hour access — all of that. But not just that. Truck or van rentals — handled. And when there were smaller items to shuttle to and from the storage unit, she had her vehicle which was well-sized and never a moment's hesitation from her with "Do you want me to go take those things and handle it for you?" Never would I have imagined someone learning enough about you in such a relatively small time that she could then pick through boxes of items you've described, take photos of them, bring them back to you or even email them to you while she was there and get the decision-making worked out right there on the spot — "Do you need that or can we liberate it?".

Ultimately, the most amazing part of the fully attentive service Gwen provided me was deep listening — and, at the right pace, — could be a month later — process through some of those big boxes of obsolete stereo equipment, lamps that are perfectly good but do you use them, and all sorts of things that just kept me surrounded by clutter I was holding onto. She is so good at asking the right questions, and instantly respectful if you say "No! now that I am keeping for sure!" while at the same time confident enough to inquire "do you really see yourself using this?"... She really helped me accomplish all of the initial objectives — downsizing — but also helped me shed a lot of other things that clogged my way of thinking, while helping install some new systems of thought along with awesome storage ideas. Did I mention she has a sunny disposition?


— Richard H.

Jario and I have found your services to be delightful. It has been our joy and privilege to get to know you through this project. Thank you for “lighting the path” towards beautifying our home. You can always count on us to give you an outstanding endorsement.

Cynthia C.

I’ve worked with Gwen on several interior design projects for the senior assistant living facility I work for. Her process for developing the right solution comes out of brainstorming ideas together as a team so I’m involved in every aspect of the design process. She communicates the cost of the project by producing a written document that lists all the products needed for the completion of project. Because of this there is never a surprise regarding the final cost. I appreciate how Gwen listens to the requirements needed for each project she’s presented with and develops solutions that solve the functional requirements, as well as, creates a beautiful space the Residents and Staff love being in. Gwen is my go-to designer for anything related to interior design!

Corey W.

I highly recommend Gwen McClure! She has an outstanding reputation in the design industry. She's extremely organized and detail-oriented, yet always keeps an eye on the big picture. I found her to be a very dedicated, professional, team player, with a positive attitude, and she is fun to work with.


Ann E.

We came to Gwen from Place It with the complaint that our very small apartment needed help both with organization/optimization of space AND we needed interior design advice. Gwen's experience is very broad so she was able to address all of our issues. And she was extremely sensitive to budget so we were able to come up with a plan that worked with our budget. We freed ourselves of belongings that didn't bring us joy, she helped us shop for new items, and she planned and executed on the re-organization of our home, from furniture layout to interior details to the complete overhaul of our closets. Oh, and last but certainly not least, Gwen is a joy to be around.


— Vivienne S. & Kevin P.

We have a VERY tiny house, and we were trying to figure out the best way to maximize use of the space. We were also looking into renovating our garage to create a bit more room. Gwen was great. She came in and helped us make decisions on what could go where and helped us to reorganize our "stuff". She did multiple layouts of the garage space for us to choose from. She was able to work with most of the furniture we currently have and point out where we could make future changes down the road if we wanted. Gwen is so easy to work with and great on follow through. She listens and really works hard to make your idea for your home a reality. We couldn't be happier. We would hire her again in a heartbeat.

 DeeAnn W. M. & Chris M.

My profession requires a lot of time in the "office." I recently purchased a condo/loft in San Francisco and Gwen filled a great need; a professional and knowledgeable designer to help plan my new home. Gwen understood my needs and met an agreed upon budget for the project. She was thorough and provided many options. I am very happy with the results and recommend her highly.


— Glenn G.

Gwen was instrumental in helping my senior client transition from his home of more than 50 years to a senior community in San Francisco. This was an overwhelming situation for my client, but Gwen worked patiently with him to help him decide what belongings to keep, donate, or simply have hauled away. It was a complex and time-consuming process, but Gwen handled it all expertly, creating a schedule and to-do list that were in line with my client's physical ability and comfort zone. She successfully balanced his moments of hesitation with a tight schedule, and he was happy that his move was handled in such an organized way. Gwen is also a great, ongoing resource for many aspects of the home sale process, and I always appreciate her prompt and useful recommendations. She is also a very nice, thoughtful and honest person who handles her job with good common sense and a can-do attitude.


Eileen Bermingham, Zephyr Real Estate

Gwen helped my mother move from a large apartment into a very small one. Since my sisters and I live out of town it was going to be challenging helping her with the complex details of a move that had very specific requirements.  

Gwen worked closely with our mom determining what she wanted to take to her new apartment, creating a floor plan utilizing her existing furniture, organizing the move and setting up her new apartment. She did a fantastic job discussing mom's concerns and requirements for her new apartment. This process of brainstorming together created a space mom feels comfortable in and absolutely loves. Every detail was thought through and every effort was made to make our mother feel stress-free about moving. As a bonus, mom really enjoyed Gwen's company! The second phase included packing belongings to be moved/shipped to 5 different locations, organizing the moves and setting up the shipping details, scheduling donation and consignment pickup as well as organizing the pickup of museum quality artwork.  All of this had to be done is less than 3 weeks. Gwen even completed this portion of the project 4 days early. She didn't miss a single detail, and had to work with multiple constraints, which she did with good humor, patience, and kindness.

Gwen is a miracle worker!  My mom, sisters and I are very grateful for Gwen’s assistance and couldn’t have done it without her.We would recommend her in the strongest way possible!”

— Carla W.

I moved from a home I lived in for 50 years into assisted living. In those 50 years, I had acquired a lot of books, dishes, art supplies, tools and in general, creature comforts. When I hired Gwen we had about 4 weeks to go through what I wanted to take with me, give away and donate. I was overwhelmed and anxious with the prospect of completing the packing. I felt very good about all Gwen did to help me accomplish this move, actually, I was AMAZED!  I was grateful to have Gwen’s help and support in making my move happen on time and with less stress. I couldn’t have done it without her.


Edward B.

This is a testimonial for Gwen McClure of PlaceItSF. We used her and her services for two separate projects at my place of business and each one was handled with speed, accuracy, and quality of service.

The larger project was a Spring Cleaning event we held for our 71 resident families. Gwen organized all aspects of the project, from helping to publicize the event to lining up all vendors (there were six separate vendors, including document shredders, furniture movers, charitable organizations, etc.) and plotting out all the logistics. At all times, Gwen acted on our behalf decisively, economically, and with clarity of purpose.

Upon request, Gwen analyzed my business operations and recommended changes to our office organization to increase efficiency and productivity. She followed through by guiding me through the process of selecting office furnishings and office systems that are now paying off in saved time and greater clarity in our office.

At all times Gwen was positive, cheerful, and understanding of our needs. It was a pleasure working with Gwen and I highly recommend both her and her organization.


— Doug McAee, Property Manager

I spent years trying to get my 75 year old, stubborn and angry father to downsize a bit, go through his "collections" and finally pack up his apartment so I could move him into a smaller place. He wouldn't let anyone, including me, help.  But it got to the point where I had to do something.  Because he's a hoarder, I didn't know where to start. The thought of negotiating what to pack and throw out was overwhelming, not to mention that getting dad to agree was impossible.  Somehow, he at least agreed to meet Gwen, and miracle of miracles, after a couple of short meetings with him Gwen had gained his trust. He then said she could help.  She assessed both him and his situation, and created a step-by-step program that allowed him to digest the change. 


She organized the disposal of the trash in stages so it was easier for my father to accept. They had to go through EVERYTHING, from clothes to stacks of magazines, from old prescriptions to ancient food.  There were dead insects and vermin, and conditions were so bad, we had to wear gloves and masks!    Nothing shocked or disgusted her, she even dealt with cremating the pets my father had been secretly keeping in his freezer!


I asked Gwen for further help when we found a place to move dad into.  Gwen's fantastic background made her perfect for this too -- she carefully measured the remaining furniture and household items, as well as the new apartment, and created various floorplans for us to choose from. Gwen also managed the move itself -- dealing with a laundry list of condo rules, scheduling restrictions and other difficulties. She even arranged for dad to be "occupied" that day too so he wouldn't be too stressed.   In his new apartment, she labeled cabinets and drawers so he could find things.


At the end of the project, Gwen planned a housewarming party for his friends. Surprisingly, my reclusive and standoffish father was thrilled to show off his new home and get positive attention from friends.


We could NEVER have accomplished any of this -- much less so smoothly -- without Gwen.  I had spent over a decade with no progress at all, and she was able to downsize him, move him, and minimize stress and work for us in three months. 


Iling N.

I hired Gwen to move my elderly parents into an assisted living facility. With this relocation, it was necessary to downsize from their 2 bedroom/2 bath house to a studio apartment. Ms. McClure met with me to decide the furniture that would fit comfortably, the artwork to decorate the unit and my parents' keepsakes that would help them “feel at home”. Everything else went into a storage unit. I was so impressed with Gwen....she is truly AMAZING! She was fun to work with, she brainstormed ideas to find the right solution for me when problems with the move arose, and most importantly, she treated my parents' belongings as if they were her own.


She literally went through picture by picture, document by document, tchotchke by tchotchke in order to make sure everything important and valuable was moved and/or stored. I know that Gwen took this project home with her every day as well as every morning she would call or meet with me to present new ideas that she had come up with overnight. She is a talented professional organizer and a remarkable person. THANK YOU, GWEN.


— David C.

As a Mover Coordinator for a large building, I've had several opportunities to recommend Place It to my clients. Gwen McClure's abilities as both a designer and an organizer benefit anyone looking to make changes in their living space. She can accurately assess a job so it comes in on time and within budget. If there are any surprises, she informs you know ahead of time. She always looks for ways to economize and she's very environmentally conscious. When it comes to professional organizing, her company is at the top of my list.


 Peggy O.

I had the pleasure of working with Gwen on a very urgent project in early to mid-2014, that involved moving and downsizing from one unit to another within a tightly regulated high end senior living facility. Gwen had a short time frame, and she was very organized and punctual. She utilized resources as necessary, kept communications with me short and concise, and complied with all facility's regulations. The move was a huge success due to her outstanding professionalism. I hired her again for the second time when another move occurred in the same facility, and her team and her again proved to be very good. I strongly recommend her service, to anyone seeking professional moving and organizing help.


— Brite Z.

My wife, her parents, myself and our 3 children moved into a spec home which was not set up for a busy family of five and grandparents. Since we were incorporating two families into one home Gwen helped us evaluate the function of each room. In doing this we realized the huge master bedroom would be a terrific family room and the mega-size master bedroom closet would make a great place to store all our craft supplies, books and teaching materials.

At the same time Gwen created a priority list based upon our biggest concerns. She helped us understand and prioritize our use of space, how to use our time and money wisely, what to focus on first, and what things to defer. For example, we needed window coverings ASAP. Storage was a problem so she helped us determine flexible storage solutions (flexible because we weren’t exactly sure, at that point, what we needed to store). Within the first week Gwen set up appointments with window covering and cabinetry vendors. She also designed closet storage and had a closet system installed within a couple of weeks.

We brought very little furniture to our new home, but we did bring a lot belongings that needed to be ‘liberated’ and/or stored efficiently. Combining like items-with-like items has been a huge win. She made it easier for us and the kids to "do the right thing" by thoughtful positioning places for things and helped us work through some tough issues including a lot of stuff still in boxes after our move.

We’ve worked with other organizers in the past and felt frustrated because after the organizer organized things we either couldn’t find them easily or the organizer wanted so much hands-on time with us the process was extremely slow. Working with Gwen was much easier because she understood our busy lifestyle and took charge. She clearly labeled everything and placed items in a logical manner so we could find things quickly. It’s now easier for the whole family to find things themselves so they don’t have to always ask Mom.

Gwen created furniture space plans utilized existing furniture and area rugs. She asked us what kinds of activities each room would be used for and came up with aesthetically pleasing ways of making the space work well for us. She introduced us to great furniture stores we didn't even know existed and passed along her designer discount when available. She was always conscious about selecting child friendly furniture and working within our budget. She went shopping with our whole family, including the grandparents, to help us make final selections that worked for everyone.

This spec house was painted in grey, grey and more grey. We wanted a more cheerful environment so Gwen helped us brainstorm colors that would be fun to live with and would make us smile when we walked in the door. She based options around our artwork and area rugs which helped us to incorporate what we already had.

Working with Gwen has been not only productive, but delightful. She’s efficient with her time and gets things done. We are very pleased with her work ethic, positive attitude and insights. 

—  Geoff G.

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