When You Can’t Close Your Sock Drawer

A pile of multi-colored socks. View from above.

I couldn’t close my sock drawer last week. It was just too stuffed! Do you have difficulty “releasing” socks, too? (Why is it so difficult to throw them out?!)

Being the organizer I am, I decided it was time for some SILLY SOCK SUMS.

Here’s how to calculate the ideal number of socks for your drawer:

  1. How often do you do laundry? (Every 7 days? Every 30?)
  2. How many pairs of socks do you wear in that period?
  3. Add 2 more.
  4. That’s how many pairs of socks you need in your drawer!

Here’s what to do with the extras:

  1. Get rid of the faded, unmatched, thin and out-of-shape socks. (That’s a no-brainer!)
  2. Donate socks sitting in your drawer that you just don’t wear. Feel better knowing they’ll be worn by someone who really needs them.

Good news: You can apply this to other drawer-cluttering items like t-shirts, underwear, etc.

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