How to Tackle that Mess in Your Dresser

No one (including me!) can keep a dresser drawer organized without some help. They are just too big. If you’ve ever found yourself elbow deep in your dresser drawers frantically stirring everything around as you look for something, don’t worry. It’s not you, it’s your dresser. 

Here’s what will help you feel so organized that you’ll SMILE every time you open your drawer: 


They come in lots of different materials and prices. Bamboo is my favorite. Plastic is an easy and less expensive alternative. And shoe boxes or inexpensive containers from a dollar store are my budget tip!

PRO TIP: Before you shop, remember to measure your drawer’s depth (front to back measurement) and the height of the drawer before you purchase. 

Below are links to some of my top picks to spark some ideas. Happy dividing!

Bamboo Dividers 

Plastic Dividers 

If you’ve gotten stuck on an organizing or design project, maybe it’s time for a 30-minute free consultation to get going again.  

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