How to Organize Your Photos: Step 4

By now you’ve made big decisions, set all kinds of rules, and sorted photos faster than a mail carrier who’s late for Thanksgiving turkey. You’re done with steps one, two, and three

Pat yourself on the back. You’ve made it to the creative part. 

Step 4: Decide on storage


The last teeny tiny question before you put your photos together is this: How much time and money do you want to dedicate to storing them? 

Each one of these ideas has really different commitments. My mother kept it simple with big envelopes that each of us open during the holidays. But there are lots of options: 

  • Scan photos into a photo management program
  • Make books
  • Put them in acid-free archival boxes
  • Put them in a digital frame
  • Put them in old-fashioned albums
  • Put them in frames and hang them on the wall

Still, wondering what’s best? Review what you decided in step 1. When you know who you’re doing this project for, deciding how to store them gets simpler:

  • For your techie adult children, scanning might be the best
  • For you, albums or digital frames might be the way to go
  • For your grandkids, maybe creating books would be fun
  • If cost and time are an issue, go with categorized acid-free boxes

If you’ve gotten this far and want some help, I’ve got you covered! I help clients get their photos into presentation-ready shape so they can enjoy them in ways that bring the most joy. Let’s chat!

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