How to Organize Your Photos: Step 3

Here it is! The step you’ve been waiting for! The one where you get your hands on those photos and finally get some satisfaction! 


If you haven’t done the first two steps, you’re headed for an I’d-rather-be-at-the-dentist chore. Decide for whom and why you’re doing the project and establish your rules and criteria. That way, sorting will be satisfying and fun.  

Here’s a review of the four steps:

  1. Decide who you’re doing this for
  2. Decide on your criteria for what to keep
  3. Sort like a pro
  4. Find the best storage (notice, this is last!)


Get ready to sort like a pro:

  1. Work at a large table so you can spread out
  2. Create big-picture categories. They don’t have to be perfect! Depending on who this is for, you may have one or more of these: 
    1. Decade
    2. Holiday
    3. Family member
    4. Event
  3. Avoid getting lost in the details. Work quickly. I promise you’ll have more time to spend looking at photos in detail later. 
  4. When you start to get anxious or overwhelmed, go back to step 1 and remind yourself who you’re doing this for and why. It helps. 

Once you’re done sorting, you can start on the creative part of this project – figuring out how you’ll want to preserve and present your photos. See step 4 for ideas on how to store your beautifully-sorted treasures!

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