How to Organize Your Photos: Step 2

Ready for step 2? Make sure you completed step one so you don’t get stuck. If you do these steps in order, you’ll not only get those boxes of photos organized, you’ll enjoy doing it. Really!

Here’s a review of the four steps:

  1. Decide who you’re doing this for
  2. Decide on your criteria for what to keep
  3. Sort like a pro
  4. Find the best storage (notice, this is last!)

Step 2: Decide what you’ll keep or throw out

There’s no way around it, YOU have to decide which photos to keep. Yes, you can hire people like me to help you scan photos, create books, put them in digital frames or archival boxes, but only YOU can determine which get preserved. 

Luckily, this does not have to be stressful or overwhelming. 

Making a few rules ahead of time simplifies everything. 

Answer these questions and you’ll have your criteria: 

  • Do you throw out all the duplicates or do you give them away to friends and family?
  • Do you keep or throw out photos from your travels?
  • Do you only want to keep photos of people only, not landscapes?
  • Do you want to ONLY keep photos of people you recognize and places you remember? 
  • Do you only want to keep photos of people your children/friends would recognize?
  • Do you want to keep the negatives so duplicates can be made?
  • If you have slides, do you have a projector? Will you ever get one out to look at the slides?

By answering for whom and why you’re doing this and creating rules for what to keep/toss, the next two steps, sorting and storing, go much more quickly and easily.  

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