How to Hang Your Artwork

As an interior designer, I’m an expert at seeing and creating a better relationship between the things in your home and the people who live there. (Read more about that in my last post, Get 3 Steps Closer to Your Dream Home). When I walk into a home, one of the things I notice instantly is when artwork isn’t hung for the people really living there. Here’s a great rule of thumb to make sure that doesn’t happen to you:

  • Don’t hang your artwork for giants! Unless, of course, you have giants living at home with you. Artwork should be placed at eye level. So, if you’re 6’6” tall then yes, your artwork will be much higher than mine, since I’m 5’2”.
  • Match the middle of your artwork to your eye level. For me, that means the middle of anything I hang is around 4’6” off the floor. I can view it comfortably without having to strain my neck to see it.


Try re-hanging a few pieces this way and see how differently you feel about them. When I work you as a client, I also advise you on selecting, grouping, lighting and positioning your artwork so that it harmonizes with the rest of your home design. Get more tips like this in Design Mistakes to Avoid in Your Bedroom.

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