Organizing Tips & Tricks: Gifts

happy birthdayGreeting card stress

Next time you’re in a card shop buy several greeting cards for birthdays, funerals, congratulation, get well, and thank you’s. Keep them separated by type, using rubber bands. Place them in a file or box marked “Greeting Cards.”  Oh…, and don’t forget to put stamps and return address labels in with the cards. You’ve now created your own card shop without leaving your home.


Organizing Ideas



I have a love, hate relationship with gift giving.

Who doesn’t love gift giving?

Personally, there’s nothing more fun than opening a beautifully wrapped present and the childish joy of watching someone open up a gift. But as a Professional Organizer, I have a very difficult time giving someone a gift that won’t collect dust or worse yet, give them something they feel obligated to keep.



What are my options?

  • Don’t give gifts… That’s no fun.
  • Give gifts that my friends really, really want… i.e a new house or car. Unfortunately for them, these are not in my budget.
  • Make them a handmade “something.” Candy, cookies, jam… yes! Knitted toilet paper cover… not so much.
  • Give them a gift card. Haven’t we all succumbed to the madness of giving each other gift cards in the same amount?

As I went through this process I realized two things:

  1. What’s important to me is spending time with friends and family.
  2. I want to give people something they really want that doesn’t contribute to cluttering up their home.

Hummm… about:

  • Give a party or plan a potluck.
  • Suggest going out for cocktails, dinner, a hike (dutch treat or not) to a place that’s been on the “I must go to” list.
  • Give a service of some kind. Dog sit, babysit, hire an electrician to fix the switch in their hallway that never gets fixed, manicure, help them hang artwork (that may not be on YOUR list, but it could be on MY list,) clean out their garage (again, MY list, maybe not your list,) give them a cell phone trick & tips class (OMG, I’d love this gift!)

For me, it’s about giving a gift without giving them the gift of clutter!

Have You Seen…?


Working in the architectural design most of my career meant I was sitting in the most beautiful and expensive chairs on the market, but none of them compare to THIS chair from Ergo Depot (stupid name, great produergo chaircts.) I have one of their sit/stand desks and needed a stool that went from sitting to standing. Not only does this chair articulate from sitting to standing, it bounces… yes, bounces. If you’re like me and can’t sit still, this is the chair for you.

Ergo Depot-The Chair