Downsizing Dilemma: What to Do with Your Wedding Dress

It’s amazing what treasures get unearthed when you begin to downsize: travel souvenirs, heirloom quilts, and yes, wedding dresses! Suddenly you’re face to face with things you haven’t seen in years and they (hopefully) bring back all kinds of wonderful memories. This is one of my favorite stories about bringing meaningful things out from storage and into your life as you move into a new home.

The Wedding Dress

My 84-year-old client had just lost her husband to cancer. She asked me for move management help as she prepared to leave her large condo and move into a smaller space within a retirement community. As I helped her sort her belongings, we went to her closet. Sheepishly, she pulled out a ratty garment bag. Inside was (you guessed it), her wedding dress. She assumed I was going to tell her to donate it, but when I saw the look on her face as she pulled it out of the bag I thought, “No way are we letting go of this beautiful 60-year-old dress!”

Today, her dress still hangs in her closet, but it’s in a clear garment bag that hangs by itself on a blank wall. Every time she opens her closet in her new home, she’s greeted by good memories.


Struggling with how to manage a move with all the items you’ve accumulated through the years? Get a few more ideas about what to do with your meaningful belongings in my recent post about downsizing. Or, contact me about how to combine my services in move management, organizing and interior design for a completely stress-free move.

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