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Chapter 1: When Greg Was Single

The Opportunity

Greg felt bogged down by his stuff but couldn’t make time to declutter. His home contained funny little spaces that were perfect niches for storage but were the wrong sizes for conventional shelving. In his home office, Greg couldn’t get enough work surface. His filing and office supplies spilled onto his working area. After seeing a space I had designed, Greg was hooked: “I think of myself as organized but this took it to a new level, with things I would have never thought of.”


I focused on three improvements for Greg: a decluttering process that felt easy, custom shelving for the quirky nooks through his home, and making his desk functional. Behind the fireplace was an open empty space that looked perfect for concealed storage. But the fireplace extended out into the room, making access to that space difficult. To make it functional, I designed custom cabinets could be accessed from the side. There, Greg stored cleaning and household supplies to be easily accessible yet invisible.

Greg didn’t need a new desk, but he did need to make his more functional. I designed modifications, then hired a cabinetmaker to craft the new pieces. New drawers took office supplies off work surfaces, and additional granite elegantly extended his work surface area.


“I am amazed at the difference that Gwen has made in my life. She made the reorganizing process so easy. She came in and rethought my whole living space with amazing innovative ideas. She hauled away the stuff that I didn't need and donated it to a good organization that can make use of it. She even designed cabinets that I had constructed, making much better use of the space that I have. She comes back annually and does a touch up because the closets and drawers and cabinets lose their tidiness and need rethinking. She has me hooked!” — Greg

“I am amazed at the difference that Gwen has made in my life. She made the reorganizing process so easy."

— Greg

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