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Chapter 2: When Bill Moved in with Greg

The Opportunity

Bill and Greg were in love but moving in together wasn’t easy. Bill couldn’t find space in Greg’s home for his belongings. He felt like a visitor. And as a trained chef, he was frustrated by the kitchen. Greg knew he owned more than he needed but lacked the time and patience to handle sorting and donating his clutter. He called me for help: “How can I make Bill feel like this is his home too?”


With Bill in his life, Greg’s lifestyle was different. Together, we discovered he had a lot of things he didn’t want any more. Plus, he and Bill had some duplicate belongings. After decluttering, I took five SUV-sized loads of items away in one day.

Next, I spent time with Bill, asking “What do you need? What do you have? How can we make this space feel like yours?” We prioritized areas that needed special attention: kitchen, closets, and bathroom. To make cooking enjoyable for Bill, I improved how the kitchen was organized based on his cooking style. I liberated unnecessary items, purchased containers to keep the cabinets organized, and made Bill’s favorite cooking tools easier to access.  In the master bedroom, Greg’s decluttering had freed up space in several closets for clothes, filing and other personal items. Finally, to incorporate Bill’s belongings fully, I modified the storage in the bathroom so that his toiletries fit easily into drawers and cabinets.


Both Bill and Greg felt at home knowing each had his own space and they started entertaining more in their home. Eventually, Greg and Bill got married (and lived happily ever after).

“Dearest Gwen, Thank you so much for your guidance and gentle nudging in our merging of two families together. We love everything you’ve done and are so grateful for your time and effort. Thank you for your many contributions and for keeping our home organized and beautiful.” — Greg & Bill

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