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Rhoda Goldman Plaza Interior Design


Seniors looking for assisted living communities in San Francisco have many choices. To remain competitive, Rhoda Goldman Plaza needed a refresh. Four spaces looked especially tired after 17 years: the hair salon, garage lobby, the family dining room, and public bathrooms. An added challenge was that three of the four spaces had no windows.

Action & Results

Rhoda Goldman Plaza’s hair salon is a high-activity area. I designed the new salon to be a destination that feels apart from residents’ everyday life. White and teak furniture and a palette of cool blues and yellows feel light, cheerful and airy. Bold and colorful images of flowers painted by local artist, Alan Constant, help patrons feel like they are in a Caribbean spa.

The garage lobby is one of the first places guests and residents see. I selected a bright blue color scheme that brought life into a windowless room. Bronze on the table legs and side table offers some sparkle. Ash wood keeps the room feeling light. The result is a space that is warm, welcoming, and inspires a response: “Oh good, I’m home!”

Residents have private meals with their families for special events like Thanksgiving or birthdays in the family dining room. It’s a place for families to catch up with each other in addition to sharing a meal. I added swivel lounge chairs and a side table for a seating area where people can have intimate conversations. A custom-designed buffet and artwork feel up-to-date. Lamps, mirrors, and accessories create home-like touches to indicate that this is a place for people to relax and connect.

To make the five public restrooms available to visitors at Rhoda Goldman Plaza feel less institutional, I opted for changes that keep them sophisticated, bright and easy to maintain. Recessing all the basic bathroom accessories into the wall reduces the impression that this is a public bathroom. New wall covering, residentially-styled plumbing fixtures, and a light tile give the room a tasteful, stylish and elegant look.

“Gwen did a fantastic job discussing mom's concerns and requirements for her new apartment. This process of brainstorming together created a space mom feels comfortable in and absolutely loves. Every detail was thought through and every effort was made to make our mother feel stress-free about moving. Gwen even completed one portion of the project 4 days early. She didn't miss a single detail, and had to work with multiple constraints, which she did with good humor, patience, and kindness.”

— Carla

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