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Forever Free: A Declutter Story

The Challenge

Rick’s new one-bedroom apartment was a sea of unlabeled boxes. Which box held his toothbrush?! Which contained his clothes?! He had more belongings than could fit in his new space, the disorganization just made it all worse. Compounding his frustration was the impact it had on his livelihood. As a small business owner working from home, Rick had no time to unpack and was falling behind. A friend recommended Place It, and after one week of turmoil, Rick called.

Immediate Relief

Before doing anything else, I tackled the basics so that Rick could feel better right away. I found and unpacked the essentials. Now he had a place to sleep, eat, and sit down. Everything is more manageable when your home supports you!

The Master Plan

Next, because Rick had more belongings than his space could handle, I evaluated his existing furniture and calculated storage needs with the aim of maximizing functionality, reusing as much as possible, and reducing costs. Having a master plan helped Rick feel confident in the process and ready for the next step: decluttering. I devised a simple system for him to efficiently decide which items to get rid of and which to keep. With this rhythm established, liberating became a snap.

Maintaining Order

To help Rick maintain order and be more productive, I created organizing systems for every room in his apartment. Now he could find and return things quickly. From creating a “command center” as a home office in his dining room to designing a “store” where he could “shop” for items before heading out the market, I designed tailored solutions that saved him time and money. I even made grocery shopping fun by organizing Rick’s shopping list according to his favorite store’s layout.


The customized solutions that supported Rick’s lifestyle allowed him to relax and enjoy his new home in a way he hadn’t imagined.

Gwen really helped me accomplish all of the initial objectives — downsizing — but also helped me shed a lot of other things that clogged my way of thinking, while helping install some new systems of thought along with awesome storage ideas. Did I mention she has a sunny disposition? — Rick

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