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Creating Order for a Family of 5


The relief the Gordon's felt once they had finally moved into their new home didn’t last long. This busy family of 5 had arrived with very little furniture and their home’s closets were basic; they didn’t allow for much storage. The Gordon's found they couldn’t unpack everything without dressers and better closets. With nowhere to put clean clothes, dirty and clean were mixed together on the floor. In the kitchen, pantry items cluttered the counters because cabinet space was limited. With so much chaos, they couldn’t even begin to think about aesthetics, like window coverings, cabinetry, or cheering up the tired grey color scheme. A friend recommended Place It, and after two months of mayhem, they called.

Phase 1: Making the House Function Well

After talking with the Gordon's about their priorities, I completely modified the function of several rooms to serve them better. The master bedroom became the family room, while the generous master closet became the family’s “mega closet.” Here, the family could find crafts supplies, household items, gift wrap, books, manuals, science kits, and learning games. I turned the traditional in-law unit into the new kitchen/dining area and brought in bookshelves from another room as a temporary pantry area. To limit the existing chaos as quickly as possible, I designed 7 closets within two weeks. Relief was on the way!

Phase 2: Making the House Feel Right

After we discussed the family’s goals and vision for interior design, I selected attractive, kid-friendly furniture, and found the right, cheerful color palette. I designed custom cabinets in the kitchen/dining area to give the family additional storage space. The kitchen is small, so I kept the cabinets low. A few floating shelves create an open and expansive atmosphere. I incorporated a desk into the kitchen as a “command center” for mom. Then, I selected and purchased key furniture pieces: a high-quality yet kid-friendly sofa, a dining table and chairs, and lounge chairs. I coordinated every detail and was on hand during the delivery day to ensure a flawless set-up.


With a welcoming kitchen, efficient laundry area, and organized closets, the Gordon's start their days without stress. Their home is organized for each family member, so everyone is able to find things. The family hosts gatherings and invite friends over. Mom and Dad now feel optimistic and look forward to the next phase of selecting fun elements such as paint colors and artwork. The Gordon’s house now looks and feels like a home.

Working with Gwen has been not only productive but delightful. She’s efficient with her time and gets things done. We are very pleased with her work ethic, positive attitude, and insights.  —  Geoff 

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