About Place It & Gwen McClure


My Story

I have wonderful memories of my mother, grandmother, and me spring cleaning together, never once thinking it was a chore. It was a creative process that brought us together in an atmosphere of fun and laughter.

In college, my friends teased me about this 'talent,' but then, quietly, each one would pull me aside to ask me for solutions to their clutter. My fee? Dinner at a nice restaurant!

Going into interior architecture and interior design felt like my destiny. For more than two decades, I worked in the high-end design industry, designing office spaces for large corporations like Apple, Bank of America and Price Waterhouse. I loved managing a team of smart and talented people and working together to make big change.

But after 25 years, I was missing something. Thinking back on my memories with my grandmother and mother, I realized I longed for more one-on-one connection with people trying to problem-solve their immediate surroundings.

So, I left my corner office and returned to what I love best: using my talents to help people find harmony and ease the chaos in their environment. I created Place It to offer outstanding organizing, interior design, and move management services with an uplifting spirit and a secret conviction that I can make it fun for anyone!

My Philosphy

  • I believe the things in your home should make your heart sing and help you live the life you want to be living.
  • I believe humor can get you through life's toughest moments and that work can be fun.
  • I believe organizing the 'stuff' in your life eases anxiety and stress.
  • Intensive listening and collaborating are the heart of how I design and organize.

Gwen & her Grandmother, Grace Swan 1964

My Resume

I'm a designer by trade

I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Environmental Design. I've worked as a commercial interior architect and interior designer for 20+ years.

My experience includes working with a major closet manufacturing company and with large commercial furniture dealerships. I've also been a Director of Design for a number of well-known Bay Area interior design firms.

I'm a member of The National Association of Professional Organizers-NAPO