7 Easy Kitchen Updates That Make a Big Impact

Easy Kitchen Updates

You ask a lot of your kitchen; what have you done for it lately? Whether your kitchen needs a facelift, more organization, or a bit of both, it’ll benefit from these high-impact organizing and interior design tips.


  1. Clear things off the counter! That means you’re going to have to do a good job of getting rid of what you don’t need. See my 3 Easy Steps to Freedom From Your Stuff for a guide.
  2. Install roll-out shelving in cabinets. Never again lose things in the back of the cabinet! I have some great recommendations for custom roll-out shelving services in San Francisco that I share with my clients.
  3. Do a deep clean. You’ll be amazed how doing a really deep clean will make a huge difference. If you have tile, scrub that grout, or get it done professionally.

clean kitchen



  1. Match color. When things on your counter match the color of the countertop (like black canisters on a black countertop), your counter will look less cluttered.
  2. Update your lighting. Get rid of that small flush-mount light fixture in the ceiling and replace it with a pendant-style fixture. Put a small lamp (just 12-14 inches high) in your kitchen. It adds ambiance.
  3. Update your faucet. Especially if it’s a grungy, coated-with-lime faucet!
  4. Paint it. Yes, you can do the walls, but did you know you can also paint your existing vinyl flooring? Here’s how. And if you still have old oak cabinets, paint them too. So what if they’re wood? They’re ugly and dated. Here’s my guide for selecting just the right color.
contemporary kitchen

Get more tips like these for your bedroom and bathroom, find out the best way to hang artwork, or learn how to make any room feel larger than it is on my tips page.

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