5 Essential Design Tips For a No-Mistakes Room Makeover

No matter what room you’re trying to refresh, these five design tips will help you get better results.

Measure, measure, measure

And measure AGAIN to prevent your furniture getting stuck outside because it will not fit through doorways and/or the elevator! Make sure the furniture is the right size for your room. Verify it will fit using blue painter’s tape to lay out furniture dimensions on the floor.

Scale (not the fish kind!)

If your furnishings are too big, your room will feel claustrophobic, too small and it will feel too busy. Think carefully about proportion. For example, you don’t want a sofa with big arms in a small room or small piece of artwork in a room with tall ceilings. 

Too much of a good thing . . . is too much

Not all your design ideas need to be represented in one room or even one house. Create a focal point in each room i.e. a piece of artwork or a beautiful piece of furniture. This will ease visual fatigue and overload.  

Size does matter!

When painting, always, always test a paint color on the wall. And not a teeny 12” x 12” area, I’m talking about an area at least 36”x 48”. Also, look at it in different light throughout the day.

Rug It Right

Number one issue I see. If you want a room to feel less cozy and small, select postage-size area rugs. A rug that is anchored by the furniture will give a room a sense of intimacy yet actually make the room feel bigger. Trust me on this.

Find more design tips for your bathroom, kitchen or bedroom. And if you’ve tried some of these with effects you don’t want anyone on the planet to see, maybe it’s time for a free consultation call

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