5 Blunders That Keep You Disorganized


I wrote recently about the habits I have that keep me organized, but getting organized in the first place feels impossible if you fall into in any of these common organizing traps. Here are a few blunders and how to avoid them.

  1. Organizing before you declutter. Oh no! You just spent time and energy organizing things you don’t need or want! Follow my Step-By-Step for Liberating process (you can get it for free) and you’ll be in good shape.
  2. Putting things you use together in separate areas or rooms. Here’s an example: My aunt had her sewing machine in the bedroom. She stored her sewing materials in the table next to her living room sofa. Whenever she wanted to sew she had to run around the house and pull things together before she could begin anything! Creating ‘zones’ for things that are related to their function takes care of that problem.
  3. Buying storage containers before planning out what you need. There are a lot of incredible storage options so it’s tempting to buy storage and tools first. But, if you buy before you know what you need you’ll waste time shopping and returning things. Liberate first, plan second, shop third.
  4. Forgetting about your current values and priorities. Before you bring something home, ask yourself: does that item fit into my vision for my ideal home? Does it support my values? Does it bring joy to my life?
  5. Keeping something because of guilt or obligation. Get rid of the weight from items that you’re keeping for the wrong reasons. Someone gave it to you, but you’ve never liked it. You paid a lot of money for it, but you don’t need it anymore. Your parents gave it to you for posterity.


Organizing often goes hand-in-hand with a big transition or redesigning a space. I combine expertise in organizing with move management and interior design to create systems custom-designed for your life.

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