3 Tips to Keep Your Pet Safe in an Emergency

Mia and Annabel with their custom-made dog beds!

Yup, I’m an animal person. These two go with me everywhere I do; they’re part of my family.  

But I never thought I’d need an emergency kit for my dogs until my mother developed the pet emergency plan for Contra Costa County. When she asked me if I was prepared for how an emergency could affect Mia and Annabel, I leaped into action. Full disclosure: I created an emergency plan for them before I created one for myself!

Since then, I’ve added pet emergency planning to my Emergency Preparedness Services. Pets are just too important not to include. Here are three tips for your own planning that I share when working with my clients:

  • Have the manufacturer name and the pet’s microchip number in your emergency kit. 
  • Have proof of vaccination information and the veterinarian’s contact info in your kit.
  • Include pet food, of course, but don’t forget the can opener, and food and water dishes.

Make an appointment with me to learn more, like why you should have both a photo of your pet and a recent photo of your family in your kit!

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