3 Magic Questions to Help You Let Go of Stuff

I keep a list of questions a mile long that I use to ask clients about things they just can’t seem to part with. A lot of the time, using a little humor, introducing some perspective, or helping someone think about what’s truly valuable helps them let go of something. 

These three gems have helped my clients over and over. Try them out on something you’ve been hanging on to and let me know what happens!

  • If you look way into the future – on your deathbed – will it be important knowing this item is still something you owned? 
  • Does that item make you feel good when you look at or does it bring up negative thoughts?
  • If you could buy this again right now, would you?

See this post for a great story about how I helped a client let go by celebrating her collection of 45 hats in a whole new way. 

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